We have a new face at Avon Lodge. We warmly welcome Holly Wilkinson who has joined our lovely team of qualified vets.

We look forward to working with you Holly.

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I’ve used Avon Lodge Vets as long as I can remember and recently had frequent visits with our poorly dog.

They are a fantastic team there, very professional and caring not only to the animals but the owners too.

Michelle in Salisbury

Holly Wilkinson new Vet Avon Lodge

As a first time dog owner I didn’t realise that I was over feeding Arthur my Lhasa Apso, with treats on top of his food. I wanted to be kind to him so I kept “treating him” and I also treat trained him too. Over time he gained a lot of weight and maxed out at 11.4kg when he should have been around 9-9.5kg. Also as a small breed he is prone to teeth problems due to cramming so this was another area I was very concerned by.

I tried to address the weight loss myself but failed miserably! So when I moved vets and found out Avon Lodge offered a free service to guide you with weight and dental care I was over the moon!

Every month we saw Helen for weight advice & Jane for guidance on dental care. Both of these lovely ladies have advised me on what to feed Arthur and how to care for his teeth brilliantly! We are soooo grateful to them! We now know how to brush properly to keep the plaque at bay so hopefully he’ll never suffer with toothache and not be able to tell me he’s in pain as that would be just awful and his weight is under control.

I am so happy that’s he now weighs 9.7kg (a big ole 1.7kg loss!!) and is a much healthier little man!

The service that these two lovely ladies have given us is just fantastic! I can’t praise the practice enough. ALL the staff at Avon Lodge are amazing. From the minute we joined we have received nothing but sound advice, friendliness and superb care from everyone we’ve met! This free advisory service they offer really is so helpful and very much appreciated by us!

A huge huge thank you from a healthy Arthur and a happy Sarah

Sarah Gibb

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Well done Jo!

Well done Jo we are all very proud of you on being a Nominee in Petplan Veterinary Awards 2018

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