Further to media reports there has been confirmed cases of Babesiosis in the South East including one dog that died.
Babesia is a parasite carried by a European tick which has now been identified in the UK.
It is important for owners to be tick aware and to check their dogs after a walk – any ticks should be removed asap.
Prevention of ticks is the best way of avoiding Babesiosis speak to us about the most suitable treatments – we have spot ons, collars and tablets which are highly effective.
It is essential if you are travelling to Europe or tick infested areas of the UK that you make sure your pets have the right protection.

Babesiosis: Vets Warn Over New Tick Disease In UK That Attacks Dogs’ Immune Systems

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Seeker sat beautifully while being weighed during her free nurse clinic today. She then had a helping hand applying her monthly Advocate flea and worming treatment, well done ????

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Tick Borne Diseases in Dogs

Thera are several tick species in the UK. Ticks are more common in the spring, early summer and autumn. They live in areas of tall grass and overgrown dense woodlands. They thrive on chalk downland, so our area has the perfect habitat!

Ticks are not fussy and will feed on most mammals including dogs, cats and humans. The life-cycle of the tick requires it to take a blood meal 2 – 3 times between the larval and adult stage.

Ticks are carriers (vectors) of disease, notably Lyme’s disease in dogs and humans, Redwater in cattle; and recently in the UK, Babesiosis in dogs. These diseases are transferred to mammals during feeding.

Babesiosis has been present throughout mainland Europe for many years. It has recently been diagnosed in dogs resident in the UK, suggesting that our local ticks are now carrying it. Babesiosis infects red blood cells causing marked anaemia, lethargy, pale gums, red urine and fever. Babesiosis can be treated. Some dogs may require blood transfusions. If left untreated dogs will die.

PREVENTION is by far the most important way of managing tick disease. Stop the ticks feeding and they cannot spread disease.

1. Use anti-tick products to kill and repel the ticks during the season. Avon Lodge has 3 products available – Advantix Spot-On (dogs only), Seresto collars (dogs and cats_ and Frontline Spot-On and spray (dogs and cats). Please discuss these products with a member of staff to ensure your pet has adequate protection.
2. Avoid walks where there is tall grass and dense woodland especially during the tick season.
3. Check your pets for ticks once daily, especially during the tick season, and remive any attached ticks using a tick – hook. Our staff will be pleased to show you this product and its correct use. Leaving parts of the tick in the skin will lead to inflammation, irritation, infection and pain in the local area.
4. Owners should wear trousers and check their skin during and after walks. Ticks will happily feed on you too!

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Spring Alert for your pets

Now that spring is here, it might be a good time to go over a few items on our spring safety check list for your pets

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