Unlicensed Drug Use

Occasionally, where a licensed product does not exist or is unavailable for the treatment of your pet’s condition, human medicines or alternative veterinary drugs may have to be used. These drugs will only be used when deemed appropriate and necessary. If you have any questions on this matter please do not hesitate to ask a member of our team.

Prescription Medications

Our protocol is that animals requiring repeat prescription medications are reassessed by the vet every 3 months to monitor their progress. This is to ensure your pet receives appropriate medication which is both safe and effective. There is also a legal requirement for us to closely monitor animals on treatment that are under our care. The standard charge for re-examination is that of a repeat consultation fee.


The practice keeps records which include client contact details, clinical notes regarding your pet and any financial history you have with the practice. This information is only for practice use, but will be given to pet insurance companies for claims, other veterinary practices (when changing practice) and for debt collection purposes.


All payments, including insured cases, are to be made at the time of consultation or prior to collecting your pet after hospitalisation, unless prior alternatives have been arranged and put in place with the practice.