Meet Thor

Thor is a 5 year-old Doberman who came in because he hadn’t wanted to eat for a few days and he wasn’t quite himself. When he came to us he was very flat and uncomfortable.

We took some x-rays, along with some other diagnostic tests to investigate Thor’s problems and the findings were shocking! Thor had two large foreign bodies in his abdomen.

Kimberly, our vet, took him straight into theatre at Salisbury for an enterotomy and gastrostomy – a procedure that allows a vet to surgically go into the intestines and stomach to remove foreign bodies.

Thor came out of surgery two large stones lighter and feeling a lot happier. He stayed with us overnight and even managed to eat a small amount of chicken.

We hear he is doing well since going home and we wish him all the best … hopefully he has learnt his lesson!

Ruler with 2 stones removed from Doberman's stomach surgically at Avon Lodge Vets Salisbury
Doberman Thor at Avon Lodge Salisbury hospital on comfortable vetbed with drip and bandage in his leg
X-ray of abdomen of dog at Avon Lodge showing 2 objects in stomach
Thor the Doberman in comfort at home with his bear and under a heart designed duvet

Thank you so much for looking after him while he was in your care. He is doing very well at home now and enjoying all his cuddles.

Huge Thank you to the whole team.

You are all very caring and we know how safe Thor is when he is with you all.

Thor's Owner Kylie

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Well done Jo!

Well done Jo we are all very proud of you on being a Nominee in Petplan Veterinary Awards 2018

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