Puppy Behaviour, Training Classes

puppyFun For Dogs in association with Avon Lodge Veterinary Group run a 4 week course offering behaviour and training advice to help you develop your puppy to become a well-adjusted and happy adult dog.

Who can come? Puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks, at least one week after 1st vaccination.

Puppies have a very sensitive development period up to about 18 weeks of age where they need to learn to cope with whatever they are likely to encounter in later life. Their ability to deal with “newness”, to learn how to exercise self-control and develop an ability to make choices is greatly affected by the foundations you help them lay down in these early weeks.

There are some behaviours which they will grow out of naturally when they pass their juvenile period and some behaviours that they will need you to provide training and guidance on how to avoid you having to spend a lifetime of management dealing with them.

Puppies start to learn how to play with other dogs whilst still in the litter but important skills carry on developing during this period. This is where they learn how not to get into trouble and appropriate interactions with other puppies now will build their confidence and reduce the risk of aggressive encounters and fighting happening later in life.

The course consists of 4 classes, held once a week. Classes can be started at any time but must be attended on consecutive week i.e. A,B,C,D or B,C,D,A or C,D,A,B.

Initial handouts Puppy Socialisations Chart
Advice on House Training
Reward based methods to train a “Sit”
Class A Advice on establishing a good relationship with your dog
Reward based methods to train a “Come Here”
Supervised free play
Class B Advice on preventing Separation Anxiety
Strategies for dealing with Puppy Biting
Reward based methods to train a “Leave”
Supervised free play
Class C Advice on preventing Fear Problems and Phobias
Reward based methods for training a “Heel”
Supervised free play
Class D Advice on preventing Dog-Dog Aggression
Reward based methods to train a “Lie down” and “Settle”
Supervised free play


Held on: Wednesdays 12.45-1.45pm or 7.00-8.00pm
Held at: Avon Lodge Veterinary Group, 21 Stratford Road, Salisbury SP1 3JN
Cost: £50 for the course, to be paid at end of first session
Held by: Sue Holstead, Dog Trainer, APDT member 864
Tel: 01980 862693 or 07753 149166 or e-mail funfordogs@gmail.com