Nurse Clinics

vet nurses and dogAs well as our already extensive range of services provided to you and your pet, we have nurse clinics that take place throughout the day run by our highly qualified and experienced nursing team. The idea behind many of these clinics is to focus on the “wellness” of your pet and to help you maintain a healthy, active and fulfilled life for them.

Although these clinics are run entirely by the nurses, there is always a vet available to be referred to by the nurse if she has any concerns. It is important to encourage preventative health care to all our patients, right through their lives, and so many of these nurse clinics have been structured towards giving you all the support you need to do this. The following clinics are available with our nurses:

    • Weight Management

notice boardDiabetes, arthritis, heart disease and poor quality of life are some of the medical conditions associated with overweight pets. If you are concerned that your pet is over or under weight please make an appointment with our nursing team on the phone or at the reception desk. Our trained nurse will work with you and your pet, looking at dietary requirements based on their age, exercise regime, and lifestyle. They will then give you a range of suggestions and options. We will then follow your pet’s progress and continue to monitor even when you have reached your goal.

    • Dental Education clinics for continued monitoring and pre and post operative checks

We have two qualified dental nurses who run dedicated dental clinics. Dental disease can lead to heart, liver and gastric disease due to the chronic low grade infection picked up by the bloodstream which is disseminated throughout the body or in swallowed saliva. They can either assess your pet if you are concerned that there may be some dental or gum disease present (indicated by halitosis, poor appetite, bleeding from the mouth or dirty teeth) and/or they will follow up all dental procedures so you will have continued monitoring of your pet’s dentition post operatively. They will fully explain and demonstrate tooth brushing cleaning techniques as well as products to use and diet changes to maintain your pet’s good oral hygiene.

    • Nail clips
    • Post-operative checks
    • Parasite clinics for worming, flea and tick advice and application/dosing of treatments
    • Anal gland expression
    • Giving tablets
    • Dosing eye and ear drops
    • Suture removal
    • Arthritis and Mobility clinics

If you are concerned about the mobility or reduced range of freedom of movement of your pet then you can have an initial assessment with our mobility nurse who may be able to advise you on some simple changes in lifestyle (where you walk, for how long, thermo-bedding, stairs, chairs, mobility diets, hydrotherapy, exercise regimes) or supplements to trial. If you need to see the vet in relation to early or advanced arthritis care, our mobility nurse is able to follow this up by giving you pain scoring charts to complete. Using these charts, the response to supportive treatment can be assessed between you and the nurse and altered accordingly on an appropriate basis. This may be monthly or three monthly depending on each individual case or anytime at your own request.

  • Ear cleaning
  • Wound checks
  • Injections
  • Identichipping
  • Suture removal
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Ambulance services for visits, collection and returning of animals
  • Bandage and dressing changes
  • Ante-natal Clinics for dogs and cats

If you are considering breeding from your pet and have some concerns or questions that you would like to be answered, then please make an appointment to come and talk to one of our nurses. These may include ante-natal care, Worming during pregnancy, signs of whelping/kittening, timings of births, emergencies, sign of distress during parturition, nutrition and feeding of the mother and babies, vaccination, exercise and flea control during pregnancy. We also offer ultrasound examination to confirm pregnancy and to check on viability of foeti. The scan would be with a vet and you are most welcome to watch. The nurse can arrange this for you at the appropriate time.