microchip dogCan you imagine how awful it would be to lose your pet or suffer a neighbour laying claim to your most precious friend? We fully appreciate the distress you may feel if your beloved pet goes missing. That’s why we recommend microchipping as a means of pet identification.

As the name suggests a microchip is a small electromagnetic coil contained in a capsule the size of a grain of rice. Once inserted into your pet, it provides an inexpensive but permanent means of identification throughout your pet’s life. The microchip is inserted into the scruff of the neck in a quick and relatively painless manner. Each one has its own unique identification number and once implanted the chip remains electronically inactive until scanned by a special microchip scanner.

The microchip responds to a low voltage electronic signal from the scanner and transmits its unique code, which is then displayed. This allows Vets, Pet Rescue Staff, Dog Wardens and the Police to then access a database to discover the identity of the pet and its owner. There are now millions of animals in the UK that have been microchipped, allowing lost pets to be reunited with their owners and helping to combat pet theft. Furthermore by 2016 it will be a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped.

We charge £27.76 for each microchip. Contact us today!