Lovely Ludo came in for his castration he was such a good boy so well behaved we will see you again soon little man for your post op check. Read about our Post-operative advice from Avon Lodge Vet in Salisbury

Most of the objections put forward against neutering are unfounded worries. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Male dogs can be neutered from 6 months to:

• Stop or reduce male sex-hormone driven behaviours
• Reduce wandering/roaming/straying (also reducing car accidents)
• Reduce the chances of a dog bite
• Reduce aggression towards other dogs
• Reduce territoriality
• Reduce prostatic disease (something very common in older entire male dogs)
• Remove the risk of testicular cancer (especially common in retained testicles)

Ludo male dog in for castration at Avon Lodge Vet in Salisbury

Spring Alert for your pets

Now that spring is here, it might be a good time to go over a few items on our spring safety check list for your pets

Well done Jo!

Well done Jo we are all very proud of you on being a Nominee in Petplan Veterinary Awards 2018

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