Meet Darcy and her eight day old puppy. Darcy is a gorgeous one and a half year old Chihuahua who gave birth to a little female pup last Monday.

Darcy and puppy came in to see Susana at our Salisbury surgery as her pup was struggling to suckle properly. She had lost weight since birth and her abdomen seemed bloated. We kept both Mum and pup in for the day for monitoring.

Our nurses helped little puppy suckle and stimulated her to urinate and defaecate. After a day of care and attention; pup and Mum were ready to go home. The little puppy was then happier suckling from Darcy and her swollen abdomen had reduced in size due to her toileting during the day.

Susana tells us that Darcy and baby are doing very well at home, and puppy has put on lots of weight. We wish them both the best in the future and look forward to seeing them both again soon.

Amazing staff friendly and professional service. Put me at ease.
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Suzy Lee

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