This is Ernie – a Bernese Mountain Dog cross who was brought in to Avon Lodge due to being off his food. X-rays of Ernie’s abdomen were taken which led to the discovery of a whole Kong toy!

He then had to have the Kong surgically removed because it was in his stomach – no wonder he was off his food!

Ernie is now back to his normal bouncy self and is still receiving lots of cuddles when he comes in for his check ups.

Ernie  - Bernese Mountain dog cross who swallowed a Kong
X-ray of dog's abdomen with Kong in stomach at Avon Lodge Vets
The offending Kong that Ernie swallowed removed surgically at Avon Lodge Vets

This practice is amazing , the love and care they have for our animals is beyond belief. Never ever been shown so much kindness by a vetinary practice.

Especially Susanna, she was so caring to my little Oscar and has been great with my son’s dog Bruno.

Thanks a million so glad we changed over to Avon Lodge.


I can’t thank Susana, and everyone else at Avon Lodge Salisbury and Amesbury enough for all the love and care they gave to Blue (my cat).

He went in a very poorly boy, I really thought I was going to lose him.
First class vets practice!!!!!


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