Meet gorgeous Inca. She is a six year old Cocker Spaniel who belongs to our lovely receptionist Charlie.

Inca came in to see us last week for her spay. Charlie has wanted to have her spayed for a while, but little Inca had other ideas… She was suffering from a condition called a ‘phantom pregnancy’, also known as a ‘pseudopregnancy’ which is common in entire bitches.

During this time, females can develop many signs of pregnancy, even if they aren’t pregnant and haven’t even been bred. Signs of false pregnancies may include appetite fluxuations, restlessness, whining, and even depression.

Many bitches engage in maternal behaviours, such as digging, nesting and mothering of stuffed toys, and some actually produce milk. Inca needed to get over her false pregnancy before being spayed! Her operation went really well last week and Charlie tells us she is back to her usual self at home.

She was such a good girl and a pleasure to have in. Good luck in the future Inca!

Sweet brown spaniel Inca
Inca the spaniel is Star of the Week at Avon Lodge Vets

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