Humphrey came to see us at the beginning of the week with a very sore tummy. After tests and x-rays’ we discovered that he had a ball stuck in his small intestine!

He went into surgery and Sarah our vet removed it. He was such a brave boy who was never in short supply of kisses for the nurses. It’s safe to say he’s feeling a lot better now and he’s told us he’s going to be on his best behaviour from now on (and hopefully father christmas will bring him some presents!)

ball removed from dog Humphrey's stomach
Humphrey dog in hospital at Salisbury with drip in leg

Spring Alert for your pets

Now that spring is here, it might be a good time to go over a few items on our spring safety check list for your pets

Well done Jo!

Well done Jo we are all very proud of you on being a Nominee in Petplan Veterinary Awards 2018

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