This is BEN

This is Ben, a two year old Labrador retriever who belongs to one of Avon Lodge’s receptionists.

Ben was brought in due to suffering from a painful tummy and he also wasn’t very keen on his food. He had X-rays and an ultrasound of his abdomen as there was the concern that he had something in his tummy that shouldn’t be there!

Ben underwent an exploratory-laparotomy (an operation where the abdomen is opened to examine the abdominal organs) but nothing was found.

Thankfully, Ben made an excellent recovery and is doing very well!

Everyone at Avon Lodge loved having him in and all wish him well!

Ben at Avon Lodge Vets Salisbury

I have been taking my westie Bailey here near on 11 yrs. All the staff are exceptional and very professional and I wouldn’t take Bailey anywhere else.

A huge thanks to Guy for getting Bailey back on the mend. You are all super people . Big hugs from Bailey to all

Spring Alert for your pets

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Well done Jo!

Well done Jo we are all very proud of you on being a Nominee in Petplan Veterinary Awards 2018

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