Border terrier at Avon Lodge Wilton
Border terrier wound at Avon Lodge Wilton

This is Tarka, a twelve and a half year old Border Terrier. Tarka has been seeing our Practice Director Kevin, in our Wilton Surgery for the last three weeks.

He’s been receiving treatment for a dog bite wound on his right side. Tarka’s wound wasn’t bad enough to need surgery, so Kevin and Tarka’s owner have been managing the wound together at Wilton.

Kevin clipped Tarka’s wound up on arrival and he’s been treating it with Manuka honey 2-3 times a week, (a medical grade honey which has great healing powers!)

Tarka’s had a dressing over the wound which was fixed to his side using staples – this is slightly painful and Tarka was extremely brave.

His wound is almost completely healed thanks to the great care he’s been receiving at Wilton and at home, we wish you all the best Tarka!

Border terrier wound at Avon Lodge Wilton

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