This is gorgeous Alice, a 9 year old Golden Retriever. Alice saw Susana for her annual check up in Amesbury

Susana felt a mass in her abdomen that she wasn’t quite happy about. Susana booked Alice in to have a ultrasound scan of her abdomen in our Salisbury branch for some investigations.

Sadly the lump Susana felt was a large mass attached to Alice’s spleen. Alice’s mum and dad decided to have the mass surgically removed. Sarah our vet performed the surgery and it went very well. Alice recovered really well and she was so brave!

Dog Alice at Avon Lodge Vets

We sent some of the mass off to the lab to check what it was and amazingly it was a splenic haematoma which is completely harmless!

Alice is doing very well at home and we wish her and family all the best.

Spring Alert for your pets

Now that spring is here, it might be a good time to go over a few items on our spring safety check list for your pets

Well done Jo!

Well done Jo we are all very proud of you on being a Nominee in Petplan Veterinary Awards 2018

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